About Ginger Rogers

[About Fred Astaire] "Sure he was great, but don't forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards...and in high heels!" -- Bob Thaves 1982 © NEA Inc.

By Ginger Rogers

-"My mother told me I was dancing before I was born. She could feel my toes tapping wildly inside her for months."
-"When two people love each other, they don't look at each other; they look in the same direction."
-"They're not going to get my money to see the junk that's made today."(1983)
-"The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first."
-"I don't know which I like best. I love the applause on the stage. But pictures are so fascinating - you reach many millions through them. And you make more money too."
-"When you're happy, you don't count the years."
-"Hollywood is like an empty wastebasket."
-[On her partnership with Astaire] "After all, it's not as if we were Abbott and Costello. We did have careers apart from each other."
-"The most important thing in anyone's life is to be giving something. The quality I can give is fun, joy and happiness. This is my gift."